Reap what you Sow

“God made seamoss and it does everything” ~ Dr Sebi

Our Sea Moss

Sea Moss Benefits

Boosts immune system: Put simply, sea moss contains nutrients that help your body fight off illness. Those nutrients have antiviral, antibacterial,
anticoagulant, and antimicrobial properties.

Sea Moss Benefits

Helps thyroid function: Your thyroid, a gland in your neck below the adam’s apple, is responsible for increasing the rate and strength of your heartbeat to maintain healthy blood flow throughout your brain. Healthy blood flow through the brain directly affects your ability to think and sleep, which is why it’s so important for your thyroid to function properly. A common mineral that helps
your thyroid to function properly is iodine, which is abundant in sea moss.

Sea Moss Benefits

Leads to better sex: Among the well-studied benefits of sea moss, this one is the most fun. Because sea moss is high in zinc and other minerals that support
reproductive functions, it seems to be quite effective at increasing one’s sex drive. Its anti-inflammatory properties in particular promote efficient blood circulation throughout the entire body, and yes… That means below the belt too.

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I wanted to thank you for making such a difference in my Health.

Delila Mendes

My personal Fav is the Sow Moss Sea Moss Gel . This is Liquid GOLD!!! You can def taste the difference in there sea moss.

James Harris

I started taking Sea Moss capsules in 2019. In 2020 My Girl and I welcomed our first Son into the world!! BTW Im 56 years young!!! Thxs Sow Moss :)

Sir Francis